Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn is officially here! Who else is as excited as me about pumpkin spice and apple flavored everything?

With all the yummy food and drinks comes the cold, and for some, the cold can cause sadness. The beautiful summer weather has passed and all the flowers die. Life can become seriously depressing. Unfortunately, I am one of those unlucky assholes that wants to crawl into a hole and never come out when the weather drops below sixty degrees. Here are a few tips to cheer up those chilly, sad days:

  1. Treat Yourself. I can not stress this enough. Don’t worry about calories, just pick up that pumpkin spice latte and a vanilla scone and enjoy. Sometimes the little things can really cheer you up.
  2. Get active. The weather is not too hot or too cold, so get your booty out of your blanket burrito and go for a walk with your dog. You and your dog will both appreciate it and your mood will instantly boost.
  3. Take a long bubble bath. Like I said before, treat yourself. Pick up your favorite #lush products and take the longest, hottest bath with a glass (or two) of champagne.
  4. Keep a routine. When I start to feel sad during the chilly months, I try an stick to a routine. When I am out of routine, I feel so lost. My routine keeps me grounded and I highly recommend sticking to one.
  5. Binge watch your favorite #netflix show. Who said you can’t watch an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy in one day? Brew a cup of coffee, cuddle up in bed with your pet, and binge watch your favorite show. Nothing feels better than catching up on your TV shows or rewatching something that brings you joy.

I hope this helps gets you out of your autumn funk.




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