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My Top Six Healthy Starbucks Drinks



Everyone knows that I love Starbucks. I even worked there for a while until I found a job that didn’t pay me minimum wage. My Starbucks days are far behind me and I still find time to pick up a drink everyday (sometimes twice). As much as I love the ambiance of Starbucks and the flavorful menu, it can be an overwhelming experience because the menu is huge. I am here to break down the menu for you and share my top six favorite drinks from the popular coffee chain.

6. Venti Passion Tango Herbal Tea ( hot or cold) with two splenda packets and strawberries. Delicious and caffeine free.

5. Venti Youthberry Tea (hot) with one splenda.

4. Grande Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. Substitute the regular milk for coconut milk and ask for the light coffee base. These two tricks will help cut back calories without compromising the flavor.

3. Grande Cold Brew with two pumps of sugar free vanilla and a splash of coconut milk. This drink is for avid coffee lovers and it is the strongest brew of coffee that Starbucks offers. The perfect drink for those days where getting out of bed is nearly impossible.

2. Venti Iced Americano (can also be served hot) with two pumps of sugar free vanilla and two pumps of sugar free hazelnut. This drink is also for avid coffee lovers, because the drink is basically a big shot of espresso, which is extremely strong. If you don’t like the taste of espresso, I do not recommend this drink. If you enjoy espresso, this drink is heaven in a paper cup.

  1. Grande Pink Drink. This is by far my favorite drink. It it basically the strawberry acai base with coconut milk instead of water and it will hit your sweet teeth in the best way.

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