Vegan Chili Mac in a Crockpot

vegan chili.PNG

Serves 4-5


1 White Onion, Cubed

1 Green Bell Pepper, Cubed

3 Large Tomatoes, Diced

10 oz Can of Tomato Paste

7 oz Can of Green Chiles

15 oz Can of Corn

15 oz Can of Black Beans, Rinsed

15 oz Can of Chili Beans

6 Tbsp of Mild or Hot Chili Powder (I used mild)

1 tsp Ground White Pepper

1 Tsp Garlic Salt

1 Cups of Whole Wheat Rotini, Dry

Mix all Ingredients in the crock pot and cook for 2 hours on high. Once chili mac is done, place 1 cup in a bowl and enjoy.


*This is probably the simplest and yummiest chili recipe out there! I make this at least once a week during the chilly months.

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