No-Poo Method

No-Poo Method: Week One

no poo week one.jpg

One week update with no heat or shampoo used.


I am doing the no-poo method and no, I am not boycotting the toilet. I gave up traditional shampoo and conditioner and I’ve replaced it with water and the occasional homemade treatment. I am allowing my hair to get healthy by letting the natural oils do their work. To learn more about no poo, visit

Why did I do it? I was sick of having thin, brittle hair. Every time I washed or conditioned it, my hair felt like straw. This method was a natural way to gain healthier hair and feel more confident in my locks. The sulfates in commercial shampoos are horrible for human hair.

Day One-Four: The first few days were okay. I usually went two days with washing my hair, so it was not terrible. I just put my hair up in a messy bun every day. I took a shower every day, but I kept my hair dry until day four, where I used water to rinse my hair.

Day Five: Absolute hell! My hair was so oily, but that is normal for the first couple of weeks while transitioning. I couldn’t even make a proper bun because of the grease. Yuck!

Day Six: I could not handle it anymore so I made the no-poo shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo- 2 tbsp baking soda and 1 cup warm water. Mix in a spray bottle and saturate wet hair. Massage into scalp and then rinse.

Conditioner- Half part apple cider vinegar, half part water. Mix in spray bottle, saturate hair and leave on for five minutes Rinse thoroughly. The smell did not last. It rinsed right out.

-I followed with a leave in conditioner after combing my hair:

Results On Day Seven: My hair feels amazing but my scalp is itchy as hell from the baking soda, which is probably because I used a little too much. So I keep massaging my head with lavender and tea tree essential oil for moisture. I plan on doing the baking soda and apple cider vinegar once a month and just washing with water in between, but the routine may change.  My hair is definitely more shiny and healthy already. I am going to try a coconut oil mask and I will post the recipe in next weeks update. I will have to experiment with what natural masks work well with my hair.


-I also threw out my brush and got a boar bristle brush to help distribute oil throughout my hair and cut down the breakage on the ends. So far it has been amazing for my hair. I bought this one:




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