Food and Drinks

Healthy Snacks


Here are my top 20 healthy snacks:

  1. 1 cup of sliced watermelon.
  2. avocado toast with an egg on top
  3. dark chocolate (try sea salt)
  4. banana and peanut butter/almond butter
  5. yogurt, granola, and fruit
  6. celery, peanut butter and raisins (AKA ants on a log)
  7. sliced red apple and cheddar cheese cubes
  8. apple and peanut/almond butter
  9. green smoothie
  10. protein bar (my favorite is clif)
  11. sliced tomato drizzled in olive oil and topped with feta cheese
  12. plain popcorn with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top
  13. carrots and/or cucumber slices with hummus
  14. strawberries dipped in plain goat cheese
  15. whole wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced banana
  16. whole wheat muffin    recipe here:
  17. sweet potatoes topped with coconut oil and peanut butter
  18. whole wheat bagel with peanut/ almond butter and sliced strawberries.
  19. Ritz crackers and Babybel Cheese/ Laughing Cow Cheese
  20. a handful of almonds and a whole, red apple

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