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5 Ways To Save Money On Groceries



As a broke college student, I have become quite an expert when it comes to saving money. Here are my top five tips on how to save money on groceries.

  1. Price matching: What is price matching? Price matching is basically finding an item cheaper at another store and buying it at Walmart at the competition’s price.  Let’s break it down: If you have an Ad that displays a 24 oz bag of twisted pretzels for $2.99, you can get the same brand, or the Walmart brand and show your cashier the Ad. They will then sell the pretzels to you for $2.99, (you must have an Ad or an online add, no pictures of a grocery store shelf. The Ad also has to be within the date of the sale.) I have saved up to $50 price matching at my local Walmart.
  2. Utilize Coupons: Whether you are an extreme couponer, or use the occasional coupon, they can greatly benefit any grocery shopper. Sometimes it can be hard to find coupons, so here are some tips to find the best. Check your newspaper because they have the best coupons. Also, take advantage of the free printable coupons on
  3. Freeze Your Produce When It’s On Sale: I always take advantage of produce sales at every grocery store in town. Not only is it cheaper to cut and freeze your own produce, it actually tastes better! I freeze everything from mushrooms and green peppers, to mango and avocados slices.
  4. Buy The Store Brand: Are you still buying the name brand sugar that costs $2 more than the store brand? Let’s get real: It all tastes the same. The only store item I don’t recommend is meat, because nobody likes slimy chicken. Sometimes, soda and chips don’t taste the same, so you may also want to get the name brand of those too. It’s all about preference, but usually, the store brand is amazing.
  5. Design a Categorized List and Stick To It: I can’t say this enough. Please, stick to your list. Check your fridge and your cabinets, write a list with categories, such as dairy and meat, and write down only what you need. Then, stick to the list in the store. Not only do the categories help you navigate the store, they help you stick to the list. If sticking to a list is hard, allow yourself one impulse item on your trip and don’t allow anymore.

*Check with your local Walmart to see if they still honor price matching. Some Walmarts have stopped doing it altogether.

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