Food and Drinks

Using Food To Live Your Best Life


Ever heard the saying food is medicine? It pretty much is the cure and cause of all things good in bad in your life and for your body.

  1. Food Helps With Concentration and Memory: Our ability to focus and memorize is an amazing skill of the human brain which needs to be fueled properly. Eating whole, non-processed foods can directly help your focus and memory. Processed foods lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes that destroy focus. I am not saying that you have to cut out processed foods, but it is better for your health to cut out the unhealthy foods. This is awesome for college students who need to increase their concentration levels and memorization skills. 
  2. Food Is In Direct Correlation With Our Moods: Having a set food schedule is not only good for our metabolism, not can actually improve your mood. Plan to eat at least three, balanced meals a day (more or less depending on specific needs), and stick to eating that amount each day. Do not count calories, but focus on getting nutrients. This will help your mood out a lot.  Eating healthier will also make you feel good about yourself, which will increase serotonin levels (AKA help out happiness, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and some social behaviors).
  3. Avoid Using Caffeine To Get Through The Day:  I know, I know. Caffeine is a lifesaver, but it can seriously effect daily functions. Most people come dependent on caffeine to get them through the day and they usually do not get enough nutrients. They continue to get the crash of energy from caffeine withdrawal and they drink more to avoid the feeling. This can become a dangerous and damaging cycle for your health. A daily cup of caffeine is fine, but try to change over to decaf if you can. Although food is good for you, avoid eating fatty and fried foods. They give you an instant boost and then a horrible crash. Try eating more leafy greens, nuts, fruit, and low fat dairy products for a natural boost of energy.
  4. Start Making More Homemade Meals: Making homemade meals is not only good for you, but it is good for your bank account. Groceries are cheaper than eating out and you can save that money you are saving. Homemade meals are healthier than eating out and you can control what goes into your body. Use this to your advantage and eat foods that will help your health.

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